WiFi Providers

Imagine a world without customer service queues!

It is here…

10,000 Wi-Fi service reps at the tap of a button.

Introducing Jason the world’s first-ever AI that can handle guest and resident phone calls It sounds like a REAL human, with infinite memory, perfect recall, and can autonomously take actions across all the basic applications. All without any training,
Jason can do the entire job of a full-time agent without having to be trained, managed, or motivated. It just works 24/7/365. Rather than try to build and maintain scripts for every issue, an AI Agent reasons through a customer problem using knowledge and data from Our knowledge base to identify the best step to take.

Resolve 70% of customer issues. Instantly

Jason the AI Wi-Fi Agent is not an AI chatbot: it answers the phone and speaks to the Guest: using the most sophisticated AI language models, it instantly resolves customer issues across channels with accurate, conversational answers based solely on the National Support Center Knowledge Base. We have been developing this Knowledge Base for over 27 years.


If Jason can not resolve the guest’s or residents’ issue then the call is transferred to your agents.

How Much Could you save if we took care of 70% of your calls? $$$$$$$$

Jason’s High Points!

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Calls answered in 2 rings or less
  • Dedicated Phone Number
  • We support all Properties


  • 7 Languages English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch
  • We can have you up and running in as soon as 10 days!
  • We have supported the Internet for 25+ years and all our Knowledge is in this Agent


Make this appointment and we will provide you with a toll-free sample of Jason. This Agent provides Level 1 Support for a make-up hotel Richland Park Inn. Please put it through it paces and please meet us with any questions that you might have!