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We are so much more than just a WiFi company.

We can help you grow your Hotel!

We have an unyielding focus on Wi-Fi Networks for Independent Hotels Restaurants, Senior Living Centers and many others. Check our “Who we Service” in our menu at the top of this page!

We have been doing the right thing for over 25 years.

Wi-Fi Services

We offer a complete range of Wi-Fi Services for Independent Hotels

Guest Support

Our Guest Support is Award winning. We have been offering this for over 25 years.

Wi-Fi Network installation

Let us show you what 25 year of experience with the Internet and WiFi can do for you!

Best Repair Service

We offer the best repair Service in the business. With over 25 years of experience!

We have 25 years of experience with Wi-Fi Installation and Services

Hospitality Website Experts

Marketing your hotel online is essential in today's digital age. By having an online presence, you can reach a much larger audience and attract more guests to your hotel. Online marketing allows you to target specific demographics and tailor your message to potential guests. You can use social media, email campaigns, pay-per-click advertising and even influencer marketing to reach your target audience.

Having a website for your hotel is also crucial as it serves as a 24/7 online brochure and can be used to showcase your hotel's amenities, rooms and location.

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