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Imagine a world where a customer’s call is answered on the first ring!

You no longer need a room full of Agents

We are introducing Jason the world’s first AI Guest Wi-Fi Support Agent!

Jason the world’s first-ever AI that can handle guest and resident phone calls It sounds like a REAL human, with infinite memory, perfect recall, and can autonomously take actions across all the basic applications. It can do the entire job of a full-time agent without having to be trained, managed or motivated. It just works 24/7/365. 

Just imagine letting Jason handle all of your wifi Guest Support Calls from your Guest/Residents. scales with your customers. Automatically resolve inquiries and segment users to deliver extraordinary experiences across the customer journey.

Jason the AI Wi-Fi Agent is not a chatbot: it answers the phone and speaks to the Guest: using the most sophisticated AI language models, it instantly resolves customer issues across channels with accurate, conversational answers based solely on the National Support Center Knowledge Base. We have been developing this Knowledge Base for over 27 years.

** Each Language is billed as a separate  Agent!

Our services

Demo of Jason

This is a sample of what Jason sounds like and what he can do. Please check out the features page to see just how versitle he is!

90 Day Trial of Jason

We can set up a 90-day demo on one of your Properties!

$29.95 Per month


Estimate Request

When you are ready we are standing by to send you an estimate!