We can provide you with a number of different ways for you to let your guest know what wi-fi network that you offer for them to use, and who to call if they have any issues with connecting to your wi-fi network.

Package of 50 Generic Room Cards

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Product Details
Brand: National Support Center
Units in product: 50 Cards per Pack

These Cards have a Toll Free number that is shared with other properties. When the Guest calls the number they will be asked first thing " Can you please tell me what Property you are calling from".

Our Generic Room Cards come in 50 card bundles. You will only pay the USPS Priority Charges

This cards come in bundles of 50 order accordingly. You will want to have some extra on hand. (Example is you have 175 rooms order 3 bundles)

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Does National Support Center do the Printing

There was a time when we did do all the printing. However we think that our clients need a profesional look. Therefore we use Vistaprints

How are my orders shipped to me

We typically ships via USPS Priority Mail

How Long will it take to get my Order

We typically see a 3 to 5 day shipping time. But this is entirely up to the USPS